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AT&T, comcast and verizon

a presentation on
Laura Tribe
March 21st (Wednesday) - 3PM

A Room of One's Own
A Celebration of the Queer Communities on Campus

March 21st 4:30pm @ The Canoe!
Student Union Building

Join some of Canada’s most respected writers as they help inaugurate the SUS Pride Centre!

FRIDA en mi mente
(Frida in my mind)

The SUS Gender Equality Centre presents:
Frida (2002)

March 28th (Wednesday) 6:00PM
S2102b Gender Equality Centre (GEC)
(Tea, Coffee & Popcorn provided)

Respectful Riders make a Difference!

Do you enjoy the shuttle service?

Create a better experience for you and fellow passengers by checking out the Shuttle Etiquette Guide!

For Students By Students! (Read the Mandate)

The Student Union Building (SUB) in Abbotsford Campus.