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Why do I pay Student Union fees?

When a student accepts admission to UFV, they then become a member of our community.  Much like the social contract that exists between a government and its citizens, UFV students make contributions for representation, social services, and infrastructure for our student community.  It is understood that various portions of our student community will take advantage of different areas supported through these fees and at different times throughout their student career.  Particularly in regards to services such as the Campus Connector, it is understood that some students may not utilize them, however, to make these services accessible for those students in need, it is accepted as a part of this community that we will support one another. 

From organizing/attending a student event, joining a club, taking transit, going to the gym, studying in the Student Union Building, to ensuring several elected UFV students are voicing student concerns and opinions these are only a few of the benefits these fees bring to our community.  Make sure to explore the website and check out our Facebook page to learn more about the Student Union serving our community!

2017-2018 Semester Fees

$27.23 Campus Connector
$4.98 FixIT
$35.00 SUB Building Fee
$43.13 U-Pass program
$215.59 Health & Dental Plan Fee
$30.00 General Operations


Have More Questions?

Please contact us at or by calling the Student Union Society at 6048644613