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SUS adheres to various forms of rules and regulations, they are:
1. Society Act (BC) – set by the provincial government
2. University Act (BC) – set by the provincial government
3. SUS Bylaws – passed by the Membership and legally registered with the provincial government
4. SUS Policies – set by the Board, on advice from the Executive
The Bylaws detail key elements of the structure and operations of SUS, and the policies go into greater details to assist in day-to-day operations.

Committees Policies

C & A
Committee Structure Engagement

Elections & Job Descriptions

Election Rules Elections Policy Electoral Oversight Policy
Electoral Oversight Procedure President Job Description Vice President Internal Job Description
Vice President External Job Description Vice President Students Job Description Responsibilities of a Director Policy


Child Care Expense Policy Contingency Fund Policy Credit Card Policy
Emergency Student Grants Policy Endowment Fund Policy Fund Request Policy
Investment Policy Surplus Policy
Travel Expenses Policy Inflation Policy


SUS Constitution
Campus Closure Communication Conduct
Conflict of Interest Conference Ex-Officio
Harassment & Descrimination In-camera Insurance
Teleconference Voting Referendum Vacation, Sick Time, & Absence SUS Fees
Referendum Student Hiring Social Media
Information Access Fund Request Procedure

Other Important Documentation

UFV - SUS Lease