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The Student Union Society employs over 50 students in various positions. Our two major hiring periods are in August and January of each year but make sure to check back regularly throughout as we update with new positions.

Hiring now!

POSITION Details Description
SUB Event Crew Member

  • Work Hours: On call (Min 2hr, Max 8hr per call)
    Reporting to: Senior Manager, Facility Operations

SUB Event Crew Member
Fair Grounds Barista

  • Work Hours: 8 - 12 hours/week
    Reporting to: Shift Manager / Senior Manager, Facility Operations

Fair Grounds Barista

To all applicants

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

- The Student Union Society Employment Positions are offered to UFV student only.

- The SUS does not hire or manage the Campus Connector drivers. If you are interested in becoming a Campus Connector driver please visit http://vanwestcharters.com/

How to apply

For SUS Positions: please send a cover letter and resume to hr@ufvsus.ca or via the UFV Career Link posting. Please also include an attached schedule of hours you would be available to work. If you are applying for multiple positions within the Student Union Society please rank the positions you are interested in. For UFV positions please follow the instruction on each posting.

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