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Everything you need to create a SUS Association!

First of all, what's an association? A student association is run by UFV students who serve to represent all students within their academic discipline. As such, student groups that do not have a clear academic degree or trade program are designated as clubs. For example, there is a Business Administration Student Association (BASA) as students in that degree program require a representative voice, however the Pre-Med Club not being tied to an academic program is composed of students only representing themselves within a shared mutual interest.

As a UFV SUS Association, you will be eligible for free reservations in the Student Union Building, the ability to apply for funding, boothing opportunities, and access to other resources.

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Here is a step by step guide to get you started!

1.- Print the CHECKLIST and the REGISTRATION PACKAGE . Your Checklist must be attached to the top of your registration package.
2.- Get a minimum of three and a maximum of five executives* in your association. Don't forget your executives will need to sign the registration package (P. 2).
3.- The association president must sign the Student Association Disclaimer (P. 3).
4.- Read The CONSTITUTION GUIDELINES here, and write up your own mandate and constitution (P.4).
5.- Now you're ready to begin recruiting at least 15 students who are currently registered SUS members. They will also need to sign the membership list (P. 5).
6.- The last signatures you'll need are the association president and treasurer who must sign the fund request policy (P. 6)
7.- You're almost finished! The last step is to submit a printed copy of your registration package to the Student Union Society Office (SUB1109), or submit a scanned copy to the Clubs and Associations Officer with the subject: "Association Registration Request" at .
8.- Wait to be contacted by the Clubs and Associations Officer regarding your association registration status. (Estimated Processing Time: 1-3 weeks).
*Remember: When you are completing your annual re-registration, you need to hold an Annual General Meeting and elect the Executives.  You can hold these elections at the meeting by giving everyone an opportunity to run for a position and then voting, or online through the myCampus Life portal. 
If you need help creating the elections online, contact the Clubs & Associations Officer at

Association member roles

1.       A President – The elected spokesperson who facilitates the direction of the group, ensures responsibilities and goals are fulfilled, and ensures that members are familiar with SUS policies and bylaws.

2.       A Treasurer – Handles financial matters including creating budgets and tracking receipts. Ensures fiscal responsibility for the association.

3.       A Secretary – Responsible for the governance of the club. Schedules meetings, sets agendas, takes minutes, and keeps documentation updated, accurate, and available to the membership.

4.      VP/Other Executives - You may choose to elect a Vice President or other Executive (such as Events Manager) up to a total of 5 executives. As these positions are customizable, build these positions to fit the needs of your organization.

5.       Association members - Those students registered in the association degree program, independent of their active participation or not. These students are represented by the elected executive to relevant administrative bodies.

Need a Guideline? here are some


- Association Registration Form SAMPLE
-Association Registration Minutes SAMPLE