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The SUS Angel Tree Program for 2018 will be announced by November 2018. Thank you for your interest.

What is the SUS Angel Tree?

The SUS Angel Tree Program gives students, faculty, and administrators at UFV an opportunity to make the holiday season special for the children of UFV students. Many UFV students who have children face financial challenges – books, tuition, and living expenses – that can make the holiday season a stressful time. If you are a registered UFV student with unmet financial needs and with children, you can apply to have the gift wishes of your child or children donated by members of the UFV community.

Program Success: SUS Angel Tree 2017

SUS gratefully acknowledges the tremendous support of the UFV community for the SUS Angel Tree Program. The donations of gifts and funds ensured that every child enrolled in this Christmas program received the gifts they requested. SUS wishes to make special mention of the students of the E Sports Valley Club, Computer Science Association, and Pen and Paper Tabletop Games Club whose Winter-FUN-Derland fundraiser raised almost $4000 for the Angel Tree Program.