SUS Board Meeting

  • Public Session
  • May 31st, Wednesday
  • 11:30 A.M.
  • Room: S3103

SUS is organising a public meeting where all Board Members will present reports from their respective areas and take decisions on many key instances.

Participate in the meeting to get updates about the policy changes and other "big picture" items that affect you Student Union.

SUS and UFV Campus Rec are offering fitness classes on Chilliwack Campus

  • The UFV campus recreation department is pleased to announce a partnership with the Student Union Society to serve as the primary provider of fitness and recreational opportunities on the Chilliwack campus.

  • More Information

    More Shuttle Service Due to the success of the CAMPUS CONNECTOR PROGRAM, SUS is adding another Shuttle

    In the Abby - Langley and Langley - Abby Route

    This addition of a shuttle is effective immediately and this extra shuttle is currently running. These runs are complementing all morning runs
    -From Abby: 6:45, 8:30 & 10:15
    -From Langley: 6:00, 7:45 & 9:30
    Meaning we increased our capacity to 40 sits per run. Every bus have wheelchair accessibility


    SUS News Section

    Riding the SUS Campus Connector View Schedule to:


    Card swipe system has been installed in the UFV-SUS Campus Connector

    After getting your valid student card encoded with the SUS U-Pass in the SUS office, please swipe it when using the Connector. - The magnetic stripe reader is located on the bus door frame. Swipe your card with the magnetic stripe facing the exterior of the bus, and start from the top going to the bottom of the reader.

    SUB Reservations Visit Website

    Looking to book a space in the SUB? Please review:

    Reservations Fee Schedule:

    Reservations Portal
    SUB Gallery

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    The Student Union Building (SUB) in Abbotsford Campus.